The biggest sailing event for yachts of the same type

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  1. 2017 Northman-Cup Regatta booking regulations for the yacht from Ahoj Czarter:

1. Priority booking is offered for the clients of Ahoj Czarter and Northman Shipyard:
a) 13-31.03.2017 – bookings  for Ahoj Czarter and Northman Shipyard clients
b) from 31.03 offer subject to availability  – bookings available for everyone interested .

2. Due to a great interest in the event, one person is allowed to book max one yacht.

3. The total sum for the charter is presented accordingly to the price list and the regulations shown under the price list.



1. Yacht classes and equipment, crew.

a. The regatta will be conducted in eight classes (Maxus 22, Maxus evo 24, Maxus 24, Maxus 26, Maxus 28, Maxus 33, Maxus 33.1 RS, sport class). The number of crew members cannot exceed the number specified in the yacht registration form.

2. Terms of participation

The participation in the regatta is allowed on condition that:
a. All the registration legalities will be completed
b. All the crew members will comply with the conditions of The Northman-Cup Regatta 2017

3. General terms

a. During the starting procedure it is required to unhook the engine or position it upright.
It is also required to remove the anchor from the bow.
b. It is allowed to use a jib pole for the foresail (including boat hooks)
c. The skipper is obliged to inform the Ahoj Czarter representative in case of the resignation from the regatta or the willingness to finish the race earlier (+48 602 398 208).
d. Every member of the crew taking part in the regatta will receive a band which allows to take part in the event. The participant is obliged in his name and on behalf of his crew to use the band as intended and present it whenever asked by the Ahoj Charter representative for verification purposes.
e. All the signed yachts will receive their starting numbers. The skipper is bound to place the number according to the given instructions. Unmarked yachts will not be allowed to participate in the regatta.
f. The skipper is obliged to take part in the regatta briefing (at 10 am in the port in Węgorzewo)
g. Breaking the rules stated in the terms of participation and all the other regulations can result in disqualification.
h. The participant assumes the full responsibility for any possible damages caused by them during the ongoing event.
i. The applying crew give the consent to the unpaid use of their image, name and surname as well as their voice by the Organizer and the sponsors in the mass media and the materials concerning the regatta in order to advertise and promote the event.