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Breakthrough in technology and design

During its premiere at Boatshow 2014 Maxus 26 won Gold Medal of the show and the title of Yachting Champion. As the only Polish yacht in the "Family Cruiser” category, after a series of independent tests Maxus 26 has been nominated to the prestigious award called "European Yacht of the Year 2016".

Maxus 26 is the first yacht of a modern evo line. It is distinguished by an exceptionally original line corresponding to the current trends on the global market.

Its unique deck is different from earlier Maxus designs.

When the Boatshow 2014 Maxus 26 premiered, it received a gold, champion title and great support from online casino players. After betting and relaxing on the Maxus 26 yacht, online casino players influenced and supported the yacht to receive the 2016 European Yacht of the Year award for its amenities. Therefore, already experienced online casino players know which yacht to choose Maxus 26 for work and leisure and which corresponds to the trends in the global market.

Subtly elongated window surface and clearly visible edge are just some of the advantages of new Maxus 26.

The project has been applied with an unprecedent solution of connecting the hull with the deck with the stop raling. Such a design increases security while moving on the yacht and makes an additional reinforcement.

Maxus 26 has a very unique idea of the companionway, similar to the one applied in typical cruising boats. A vertical washboard is moved forward and placed between two back walls of the superstructure whereas a sliding hatch slides over a washboard after closing. With this solution, it was not only possible to enlarge the cockpit, but also to protect the interior from rain and water splash.


  • refrigerator
  • hot water (available in chosen yachts)
  • heating (a paid option to choose from)
  • radio (CD lub MP3)
  • facility for mast putting up and down,
  • lazy jack,
  • furling jib
  • stiff forestay
  • boom tent
  • stern ladder
  • outside table in the cockpit
  • fore and stern basket
  • rails
  • centreboard
  • water system
  • electric installation / wiring
  • WC cabin+ chemical toilet
  • Galley: gas cooker, dishes, cutlery, pots and a frying pan


Technical data

Berths 6+2 / 5+1
Total length 8,40 m
Hull length 7,62 m
Hull width 2,82 m
Standing height 1,83 m
Sails area 34 m2
Draft 0,35 / 1,43 m

Arrangement of berths

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Price List -  2024

Yacht typeYacht classYear of constructionBerthsdo 26.0426.04 - 05.0505.05 - 29.0529.05 - 02.0602.06 - 22.0622.06 - 31.0831.08 - 28.09po 28.09
Maxus 26Prestige + **2023-20246+2/1
77 (01.04-26.04)
117 (26.04-05.05)
88 (05.05-27.05)
Maxus 26Prestige **2021-20226+2/1
72 (01.04-26.04)
113 (26.04-05.05)
84 (05.05-27.05)
Maxus 26Standard **before 20216+2/1
68 (01.04-26.04)
109 (26.04-05.05)
81 (05.05-27.05)
All prices are in the currency EUR Promotion - Red Colour
** Yachts with heating (optional) and refrigerator
* One berth with custom length (Maxus 26) – 1.55 m.


Phone: +48 87 427 15 37

+48 602 398 208



Special offer


The modern design of Maxus 26 hull promise many attractions while sailing... and keep their word. (…) Without any doubt the biggest novelty in the yacht is its appearance – a high, angular superstructure, and, in particular, the shape of the hull. Angular cross-sections look modern and can definitely change the behaviour of the yacht in larger tilts. (…) Closing of the companionway on Maxus 26 is done in a very thoughtful way. A vertical washboard and sliding hatch slides over it creating a practical visor. Well, the name of the designer says it all."

The boat reaches high speeds immediately. You can control it with precision and even though it was a prototype, it was perfectly balanced – I never lost control over the helm despite squall winds. (…) You might be tempted to say that it's now the best Polish inland tourist class yacht. Maxus 26 is a new quality on Polish waters, both in terms of exterior and interior design.