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Info 12.04.2018

Dear Sailors!

With regards to the statement, issued by "Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie", in the coming season the Niegociński Channel will be excluded from sailing. Thus, Łuczański Channel will again be the only waterway from the northern to the southern part of the tourist route.As the previous season showed, the increased traffic on the channel during the opening of the bridge caused, that part of the crews, in spite of waiting in the queue, was not able to cross the Łuczański Channel due to the pre-set hours for water traffic. The clients informed us, that because of such situations, in many cases it was not possible to complete the route of a cruise, which made it necessary to change plans.

We apologise, that the renovation of the channel takes another year and we are doing our best to make the public officials understand how big a problem it is. Unfortunately, we are not the policymakers in this case, this is why we focused on what depends on us. For our sailors’ good’s sake we have located our fleet in ports on both the northern and the southern sides of Łuczański Channel. This gives our clients the possibility of choosing the place to be collected and to return the boat, as well as to choose the area of sailing without the necessity of crossing the channel. Also, we understand the situation of sailors and motorboat sailors, thus after their numerous requests we have decided to maintain the possibility of keeping a discount, granted at another firm, until the maximum level specified in our offer.

We have a large fleet of new boats (manufactured 2015 – 2018) at our disposal. The boats are under constant care of Northman shipyard. Please, contact our office of Ahoj Czarter (biuro@ahoj.pl, +48 87 427 15 37, +48 602 398 208, www.ahoj.pl ).

Discount - depends on the charter duration and is subject to yachts availability.



Rules and regulations Recommend and sail for less offer:

  1. Reference – the person, who recommends the charter of Ahoj yachts, provides the name and surname of the Referred and on whose recommendation the Referred will point while booking the charter
  2. Referred – the person who will book min. 7 days charter of Ahoj yachts providing the name and surname of the Reference.
  3. 100 PLN for the yacht charter for both charterers (Reference and Referred)
  4. The discount adds up with the client’s discount as well as with last minute offers
  5. The discount applies to:
    - Reference for the charter in 2018/2019 season, after the Referred charter
    - Referred for the charter in 2018 season


We are the largest company in Poland offering the yachts charter . Our fleet includes over  100 sailing yachts and motor boats of different classes.

The yachts we offer meet the highest security standards and at the same time have outstanding nautical qualities. They win numerous prizes of the most significant sailing events. Professional service, as well as the guarantee  of a quick repairs  because of the availability of all changeable elements of the boat are some of many assets of our company.

Ahoj Czarter
e-mail: biuro@ahoj.pl
Tel: +48 87 427 15 37
Kom.: + 48 602 398 208